May Be Paige

How it Started

Meditation has become a foundation in my life. Prior to that, my busy mind often brought me anxiety and the inability to trust my own voice. I learned that when I can calm my mind, my voice becomes clear, and I am better able to manage the seasons of life.

When I began my meditation practice, I was kind of intimated. I thought I needed a perfect space, hours upon hours, utter silence and had no idea what tools would help me. What I learned, was that no matter where I was, even if I only had 10 minutes and a few tools, it was enough to create a daily practice and find that place of peace and grounding I desperately needed.

All of this has led me to become certified in Reiki (master), Yoga Nidra (teacher), Sound Energy (expert level) and crystals/chakras. Each modality has helped me to deepen my core meditation practice.

May Be Paige (named after the first book I purchased for my grandson) was formed out of my desire to create easily accessible products and services to help others begin or grow their meditation practice.